VMware vExpert 2017 Awarded!

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So that just happened.  The announcement for the 2017 VMware vExpert program was last week.  My name was most certainly not on the list.  I have applied a few times previously but didn’t make the cut.  I actually spoke with Corey Romero at VMworld this year and he mentioned a few things I should be doing to improve my visibility and contributions to the community.  This blog is clearly part of that although the diversity of content here so far should indicate that’s definitely not the only reason for it’s existence.

Anyway, I got home tonight and checked my email to find a welcome email for the VMware vExpert 2017 program.  Color me surprised.  I guess there were a few stragglers that got left off the first round of announcements.  That’s ok though, I’m honored to be considered and selected to be a VMware vExpert this year.  This was unexpected to be sure, but very welcome and I will continue to do what I can here and in the community to contribute my technical skills and expertise.

I’ve found through this process I really like blogging and sharing what I learn.  I’m working on tons of articles for many different types of content that I’ll be sharing soon including articles about vSphere 6.5, Veeam 9.5, Cisco UCS, Nimble Storage and many more topics.

Thanks for reading my blog!  I really appreciate the feedback I’ve received so far.

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