Windows 10 – Windows Update stuck on failed Windows Defender Definition Update


Building a Windows 10 image for a Horizon View deployment I found Windows Update stuck on this Definition Update for Windows Defender.  It failed with the following Error 0x80070643 numerous times.  Continue reading

Windows Server 2016 Licensing Calculator

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Cores Per Virtual Host =

I decided to add a calculator to demonstrate the licensing components of the per core Windows Server 2016 Licensing Model.  The intent here is to give you a general idea of how many 2-Core Packs you may need and what it may cost to license Windows Server 2016.  If you want more information on how the licensing works please check out my first article. Have fun!

Disclaimer: All pricing on here is MSRP.  Actual pricing may vary greatly.  This is not a quote nor should it be considered factual.  This is a hypothetical guess at what pricing and core pack licensing is based on the MSRP pricing available at the time.  You should contact your Reseller or LSP to get actual pricing or quotes.  I didn’t include Single CPU (Socket) or less than 8-Cores as options because of the 16-Core Minimum.  The Software Assurance costs are based on 2 years Open License or 3 Years Open Value and it’s ~25% per year.  I picked the higher cost User CALs for this calculator at ~$43 per CAL, Device CALs are ~$38 per CAL.


Welcome to my blog!

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virtuallyinclined2Hi there.  My name is Shawn.  I’ll be your host for this blog.  I work as a Senior Systems Engineer for a reseller/VAR/integrator/channel partner in the Kansas City area.  I work with many businesses in the KC area and beyond to sort through their constantly changing technology landscapes.  I get to see and work with a lot of cool technology which I’ll be posting about here.  I work through all sorts of interesting and challenging technical designs and issues that I will be posting about.  Anyway, check out my About page and welcome.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog.