VMworld 2017 – Sunday

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VMworld 2017

VMworld 2017 – Sunday

Sunday funday!  I made it to Las Vegas in the afternoon and thankfully it was pretty uneventful.  Wow it’s hot out here.  108 degrees in the shade.  It’s a good thing the conference is all indoors.

Some nice scenery on the way down.VMworld 2017 - Sunday

VMworld 2017 - Sunday

Landed safely, always a plus!VMworld 2017 - Sunday

I happened to get a decent view this time.VMworld 2017 - Sunday

I made my way to the Registration and Solutions Exchange.VMworld 2017 - Sunday

Some cool screens all the way down. VMworld 2017 - Sunday

Yes it’s VMworld 2017!VMworld 2017 - SundaySo it’s Sunday and there’s really not much going on.  I checked in and got my badge and wandered around the Solutions Exchange.  I’ll post some pictures of that tomorrow.  Sunday is always low key as you can expect.  The real fun starts on Monday.  I’m off to the show!

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